A note from the President of Midwest Pediatric Cardiology Society (MWPCS).

The society started in 1977 as an informal gathering of a number of senior pediatric cardiologists in the Midwest, and was gradually extended to the next generations. The society’s meetings were held once a year, and were hosted by pediatric cardiac divisions in prominent institutions.

The Vision and the Mission of the society remain as they were when the society started, with more recent emphasis on nurturing and mentoring students and trainees.


The vision of the society is to foster education, research, improvements in clinical practice and mentoring for health care professionals in pediatric cardiology and adult congenital heart disease in the Midwest.


The mission of the society is:

  • to promote the educational and scientific advancement of pediatric cardiology in the Midwest
  • to provide opportunities for networking and mentorship for physicians, nurses, and trainees
  • to foster a collegial environment, and opportunities for networking, education, exchange of ideas, scientific research, and team work among healthcare professionals in the Midwest dedicated to the care of infants, children, and young adults with congenital heart disease.

Beginning in 1990, pediatric nurses and pediatric cardiac surgeons were invited to join the society. A few years later, medical students and pediatric residents began to participate in Annual Meetings. Later, the society designated a surgical liaison and recruitment liaison for membership.

In 1996, the society was incorporated and registered as a not-for-profit organization.

The Governing Board has been pleased with the enthusiastic and encouraging response of the Annual Meeting attendees and members. The organization provides trainees with informal, considerate critiques of their work, with a friendly mentoring attitude. To encourage attendees, the society started a modest awards program for best abstracts and some travelling scholarships each year. For additional historical information, please click here for Dr. Thomas’ history of MWPCS.

The society has thrived and expanded, thanks to the efforts of the Board, the loyalty and enthusiasm of our hosting institutions, and the support of corporate vendors. We are looking forward to a bright and expansive future. To help our quest for continual improvement, please contact us with any ideas, comments or suggestions at admin@mwpcsociety.org.

Thank you for your interest in MWPCS. I look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting in September!

Best wishes to all!

Garick Hill, MD